The Social Impacts of Marijuana Prohibition in Brazil

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Marijuana can be used to treat things like cancer, multiple sclerosis, anxiety and glaucoma. The problem is that these people have to be criminals to be able to treat themselves.

Social Impacts
Marijuana impacts on health
Less Jails more treatment

The social impacts of marijuana prohibition in brazil are many. The war on drugs, violence, firearms trafficking involved, corruption and many others. Because its so hard to differentiate an addict and a drug dealer by the amount of marijuana they carry, addicts end up in jail. Now, addiction is considered an illness, and for that reason it should be treated as one. In the movie breaking the taboo with the former Brazilian president Fernando Henrique, prisoners talk about how much drugs are a part of their lives in prison. One of them says “If you didn’t have a drug habit when going in, you leave with a drug habit.” If the prohibition continues, more prisons will have to be constructed and that could be a waste of money for the government. Also, a lot of money is spent on police reinforcement to fight drugs in the streets, this money could be going to other things such as education. In Uruguay the money gotten from people who buy the drug legally is used to sustain the production/transportation/sales business, and the profit made by the…
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