The Social Influence of Athletes

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Since athletes are people with social influence, they are able to mobilize citizens towards social activities that can be beneficial to the society (Smith, 2013). In addition, they can come up with a project that is aimed at benefiting the less fortunate in the society. It can bring about a social change as well as economic development to those who they give a service to. Athletes have to stand up for the people whose voice has been silenced and whose living are being banished by the policies and orders of the country. Athletes are the most visible expression of performance and financial success in the United States. They have an influential power that can bring people from different cultures or religious to come up with amazing strategies in the society (Smith, 2013). They can allow the people through their different activities related to the society. They should be confident, honest and supportive. They have to get past to athlete’s association and personal advisers and think about what is best for the people of their nation. Athletes stand a better chance of making the world a better place. This is attributed to they are public figures and command a great following. The less fortunate people in the society are as much important as the athletes themselves, their coaches as well as their fans. Athletes have the responsibility to fight for social justice. They should be ready to part of their huge pays for the sake of recognition of the people’s rights and better living
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