The Social Interaction of a Men’s Soccer Team Essay

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The Social Interaction of a Men’s Soccer Team In the field of Anthropology, there have been numerous studies on soccer and the different social plays that the sport contains. Groundbreaking and controversial writings such as Marcelo Mario Suarez-Orozco’s, A Study of Argentine Soccer: The Dynamics of Its Fans and Their Folklore (1982) study the fans and symbolism that surround the game. However, a key element that is often disregarded by anthropologists is the players themselves. Dismissed as the realm of journalists, most studies seem to shy away from the social interaction and symbolism that occurs within the team, and instead focus on how the fans view the game and the games role and symbolism within society as a whole. As a…show more content…
For this study, I went to informal, off-season scrimmages twice a week for several weeks to study the team’s social interaction. However, I found that these smaller scrimmages consisted of less social interaction than is seen during the season. Therefore, I referred back to the social interaction I observed during my four-year stint as an Oxy player for many of my observations. However, my initial observations done for my research did help immensely in finding what exactly to look for. Also, my interviews and conversations with other team members proved to give me a more complete sense of what the team thought. I used dialogic interview methods, and rarely even sat down for a formal interview, relying mainly on very informal conversations around campus. I felt these types of interviews gave me honest and spontaneous answers, in contrast to more contrived answers I felt I might get in a formal interview. In order to give a better, more complete view of what I saw and heard during my studies, I have included both a selected scene from one of the pick-up games I attended, and a full report on a formal interview I conducted. Scene It was an unseasonably warm Friday afternoon as I made my way up to the soccer field. The sun was shining and for the first time in weeks I was comfortable outside in shorts and a tee shirt. The soccer field is on the top of Occidental’s “upper” campus, the virtual opposite end of the college from the football stadium, training

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