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Introduction The Social Issue: Divorce and Depression Around the world divorce is common and known amongst different societies, some with higher rates than others. According to Irvin (2012), in America there is one divorce every 13 seconds. That’s 6,646 divorces per day, and 46,532 divorce per week. This is a social issue within our society that has many negative effects on everyone facing this circumstance. The divorce rate in the U.S is a problem that shows an increase in its rates compared to the past decades. According to the U.S Census Bureau, around 50 percent of marriages end in a divorce. There are many reasons for divorce from “hard” reasons (e.g., abuse and adultery) to “soft” reasons (e.g., psychological and relational…show more content…
Also, one individual’s depression level affects the other because it might be caused partners to see themselves and their spouse negatively. They often feel angry, hopelessness, guilty, stressed, sadness and anxious. There all can make to feeling resentful and overwhelmed, feeling frustrated, and increased conflict. Contrarily, the pains of experience a divorce is a not easy for people. Getting into a divorce with depression certainly stresses any copying skills that might or might not be viable. There would be emphasized and aggravated the symptoms of existing depression by divorce. Taylor & Beth showed that “divorce men had 6 times the incidence of depression when compared to their married counterparts while divorce women were 3.5 times more likely in the 2 years following their divorce to be depressed than married women.” (2009) Statement of the Problem and the Impact of Divorce Depression among Adults As this study history suggests, depression that impacts individual partner has an impact on the other partner, the relationship and ultimately the entire family. The study will review the depression impacts on women and men by divorce and it is examining available empirical research on marital and divorce rates of gender differences in depressed of divorce individuals, depending on whether male or female is depressed in the U.S. It can help to see how depressions affect individuals and their life. However,
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