The Social Issue Of A New Zealand

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The purpose of this business proposal is to analyse the social issue that is concerned in New Zealand and how the business will be set up in the market to address and improve the social problem. The social issue that will be addressing in this business proposal is Child Poverty. The reason why child poverty is now concerning is because of its negative impact on children’s living conditions. It has now become a significant social issues in New Zealand. Child poverty is referred to the children experiencing hardships in their life. The environment that they are living in will affect them (Unicef). Children might experience poverty differently from adults as they have different and specific needs. They are not living in a normal pattern of modern life which means they could have insufficient nutritious food, often wear worn-out shoes or clothing and they usually live in a cold, damp house. They could also be missing out on activities that the most children in New Zealand take for granted (Child Poverty Monitor). According to the statistics from Child Poverty Monitor 2015 Technical Report, there are 148,000 children which are 14% of them living in material hardship and 305,000 children which are 29% of them living in income poverty. 9% of the children in New Zealand is living in severe poverty and 3 out of 5 of the children in New Zealand are living in persistent poverty. These statistics indicate that child poverty is a very significant problem in New Zealand (Child Poverty
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