The Social Issue Of Domestic Violence

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Imagine seeing a civilian being senselessly beaten and verbally attacked in a public place; would you intervene? Morally, a person 's first instinct should be to jump right in and act as a hero, however, that is not always that action that is executed. The social issue of domestic violence is becoming very prevalent in the world’s society, and has called for a new category of social experiment. While this experiment has variables to its execution, the premise remains the same; put actors in a public place and enact a scene that depicts a victim being domestically abused by their partner, then watch to see if any witnesses will intervene. This new type of experiment that resolves to seek the reactions of regular civilians to domestic abuse in public has been proven necessary to shed the harsh light on the results. These results show the majority of public domestic abuses cases will go unchallenged, which raises a red flag to the safety of our society as a whole. The diversitivity of the environments that the public abuse is taking place in has been shown to affect the mindset and actions of the witnesses. A group in Sweden set out to take on the experiment in an enclosed elevator, and their results vastly differed from a group that did the experiment in a public and well-traveled courtyard. Another variable that comes into play is the gender of the abuser/abused. There is a dramatic change in numbers when a woman abuses a man, versus the man abusing the woman. The reactions…
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