The Social Issue Of Gender Inequality

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The Social Issue of Gender Inequality between Men and Women
Nakia Bell
University of South Alabama

In this paper, I will be discussing the social issue of gender inequality between men and women. Gender inequality is a problem that is widely recognized and affects men and women alike. Gender inequality affects employment, earnings, how individuals are viewed, etc. This issue is one that needs to be resolved so women, and men, can make progress toward a gender-neutral society. A way for us to resolve this issue is to change our perceptions of men and women in society.

The social issue of gender inequality has been one that has plagued society for many years. Gender inequality is the
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Kitch found that racial characteristics evolved off of relative gender characteristics. Her studies provided the “backstory of the concept of intersectionality by showing how race and gender judgments evolved together and influenced one another” (Kitch, 2009). Europeans also used the differences in sexual behavior and religious practices to justify slavery. “After exploring the roots formation, Kitch found evidence that gender and sex were foundations of racial judgment.” For example, the work of an African woman considered taxable labor. While the work of an English woman was considered domestic.
Another process that involved gender distinctions was granting US citizenship. In 1920 American women gained the right to vote but their citizenship was still dependent upon a husband or father until 1934. Before that point, a woman would lose her citizenship if she married someone from outside the country. The ability to bear children is still one of the most powerful things affecting a woman’s social power and status. Kitch found that societies, for some reason, have decided that there is something inferior about having a female body and producing offspring. There were few societies, such as the Shakers, who were able to achieve gender neutrality. This was achieved by completely eliminating sex and reproduction. In today’s society women have many rights, however, sustaining a high-powered career usually
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