The Social Issue Of The Income Inequality Essay

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The social issue of the income inequality
In today’s modern world, as the technology has developed better daily, whereas the gap referred to income inequality between rich and poor still has not solved but has widened. Income inequality simply refers to the extent to which income is unevenly and unreasonably distributed in manner among a population. The inequality brings economic instability, but sadly most people are not relatively concerned about the wide inequality between classes. Ever since the distance between upper class and middle/lower class has been stretching and growing gradually and markedly for almost 30 years, it has become an important political battleground and deeply troubling in the world, and within the United States over the past few decades. The great disparity is immoral because it leads to wealthier people to unevenly distribute an unacceptable degree of control in a society. The great disparity also undermines in the fairness of political institutions and the economic system over many aspects of the lives of poorer people and also increases depress demand of consumption levels depending more on the wages middle/lower income earners than the profits of the wealthy. From this perspective, the outrageously huge disparity between classes should be eliminated. The best ways to reduce inequality income would be to make fairer taxes which means to lower taxes on middle and lower income earners or even raise the minimum wage effectively since asset prices…

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