The Social Issue Regarding Teen Pregnancy

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The social issue regarding teen pregnancy is still very prevalent in the United States. Teen pregnancy is a huge issue because it is known to have a negative effect on the mother and most importantly the child. An initial study was conducted on two teenage mothers prior to having their child. The researcher wanted to further investigate the same population for a better understanding of teenage motherhood. The purpose of case study was to examine the perceptions of two adolescent mothers. The investigator wanted to survey the participants in hopes of understanding their views of adolescent pregnancy before giving birth and after giving birth.
The participants were from a small urban community. There were eight females who participated in the initial study. All eight were contacted for further investigation however, two agreed to participate. The participants were interviewed in the privacy of their own home with their child present. The researcher used an audiotape to record the responses to the open ended questions. The interview was very conversational as the investigator allowed the participants to elaborate and speak freely about their experiences. The interview carefully interpreted both of the participant’s responses to ensure accurate information. After an hour and half of collecting data from the participants, they both were given an opportunity to withdraw their thoughts and opinions however they both declined. That data was collected and…

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