The Social Issue of Ageing

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Social Issue of ageing Social issues are controversial issues that relate to the lives of people and their interactions. Some social issues are distinguishable from economic issues while some consist of both social and economic aspects. Social issues are conditions that at least some people view as being undesirable Ageing in humans refers to various changes that include physical, psychological change. Some of the dimensions of ageing might grow and expand over time while others decline. Ageing introduces some psychological and physical changes in people, studies have shown that mental abilities decline with age in fact research has proved that short term memory declines with age. As people grow older their declarative memory for episodic events and experiences also declines remarkably. The older people face more difficulties when it comes to tasks that require the conscious or declarative retrieval of particular events. Apart from memory, ageing also impacts people's language and reading g skills. Their vision also weakens that affects their ability to read (questia, 2012) .There are various theories that can be associated with aging this are both biological and non biological theories. Among the non biological theories are disengagement theory that brings forth the idea that the separation of the older people from an active role in the society is normal and appropriate and has benefits to both the society and older individuals. Another theory the activity theory
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