The Social Issues Affecting Our Children

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An Introduction of the Topic
One of the top social issues affecting our children in schools is bullying. In recent reports, one out of every four students reports being bullied during school (National Center for Education Statistics, 2015). Bullying is very important to me because I have been bullied through my schooling career. I remember how it was not only the bullies that made my time in elementary hard but also the bystanders that did nothing to stop them or stand up for me. This issue has definitely gotten more attention over the years, but it is very important to continue the anti- bullying campaigns. It is important for all school officials and workers to be aware of bullying and help prevent. Although bullying has been present in our schools for a very long time we should do everything we can to stop and prevent bullying so each student can look forward to an enjoyable time in their schooling career.
All children deserve to feel safe in their school and enjoy all aspects of schooling. In this paper, I will share the long history of bullying in schools and in our society. I will also share how bullying has evolved and the effects of cyberbullying in our world today. In addition, I will discuss the effects of bullying on not only the bullies and victims but also their peers and school staff. Finally, I will offer some insight on how bullying might be resolved to help each student succeed and enjoy the social aspects of schooling.
Historical Overview
Bullying has…
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