The Social Issues Associated with Crime

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The social structure conditions within society help to produce and construct social problems such as high crime rates. This particular issue is a concern because it is highly associated with other social issues such as poverty. Poverty is connected with crime because high rates of incarceration causes many broken homes and families, which overall decreases income and leaves single parents and the government to care for many children. Also, as stated previously, once an inmate is released from jail or prison, particularly on a felony charge, it becomes increasingly difficult for offenders to find employment; unemployment then leads to many families living in poverty. Overall, crime and poverty are associated together as both being a major social problem throughout the country that affects many individuals and society in general. In particular, crime is a social issue that concerns many individuals, because everyone is connected to someone who is currently, or has been incarcerated at some point during their lifetime, rather it be parent, spouse, sibling, or close friend. Although high rates of violent offenses do not affect every aspect of society, non-violent offenses such as identity theft, fraud and other cyber crimes have become increasingly high with new technology in recent years. Today, crime has become a problem that affects both the young and elderly, and the rich and poor, rather it is being victims of crime or being involved in crime itself. However, specific

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