The Social Learning Environment And Counseling Essay

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The Social Learning Environment and Counseling Learning is a general term, describing numerous processes involved in acquiring information (or knowledge), and skills gain through experience(s) with the environment or the self. Researchers have long placed emphasis on environmental factors, such as societal norms on shaping behavior. As an individual interacts with the environment, patterns of behaviors emerge as a consequence. Therefore the environment of an individual for example can be thought of as the modality in which learning occurs. Although, behaviorist attributes such learning, and patterns of behavior to underlying reinforcement mechanisms that have been empirically supported, there are other learning forces that govern learning with respects to the social environment such as social learning, which may have implications into understanding societal structures and dynamics. Social learning is sometimes referred to as observational learning, imitation learning, or vicarious learning, as learning occurs through the action of watching others, hence the term. Additionally, observational learning may lead to imitation, and thereby the mastery of a skill (learning). Social learning encompasses learning that may be active or passive respectively in certain respects, as not all behaviors observed are imitated. Certain types of behaviors such as aggression are more readily imitated by children as Bandura and Huston (1961) noted, while studying the process of identification
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