The Social Learning Theory And Its Effects On Our Society

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For thousands of years, humans have been valiantly attempting to stop the most detrimental and limiting factor on our civilization. This plague has been unrelenting since before humans first stood on two legs. Violence has been studied by hundreds, if not thousands of psychologists, economists, and other social workers and after all this work experts have developed many hypotheses about factors that might cause violent or aggressive behavior. Fortunately, homicides have decreased by up to 100 times from what they were in Oxford in the 1300s. Despite this, violence is still deeply rooted in our society and people are increasingly accepting of the murders, rampages, and terrorist attacks that frequently occur around the world. We still know very little about how violent behavior manifests because of environmental and biological factors.

The Social Learning Theory, credited to Albert Bandura, shows us how our peers’ behaviors affect our behavior, consciously and unconsciously. In his famous Bobo doll experiment, Bandura showed that when children were placed in a room with an adult and a Bobo doll and the adult vigorously attacked the doll, the children began to attack the doll once the adult had left. The adults had such a profound influence on the young children that the children could be pushed to do things that no child should be doing during the preoperational stage of development, when they have very animistic styles of thinking . However, when the adult in the room was
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