The Social Learning Theory ( Bobo Doll ) New Information And Behavior

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Theories are set of rules set as a guideline for social workers, they attempt to explain why humans behave the way they do, how they relate to one another and social issues surrounding humans in their daily lives. They are based on facts, use of observation skills looking at signs of needs or danger and description of situations. It clearly explains the event and predicts the outcome of the situation and that helps in social work intervention to influence positive change. Bandura’s social learning theory (bobo doll) new information and behaviour can be learnt by observation. A children copying behaviour they witnessed from adults, a child hitting others may be because he experienced direct or indirect domestic violence at home.…show more content…
The highest level is self actualization, understanding and knowing who they are and interested in fulfilling their potential Theories equip social workers with skill that helps them to identify danger and needs of the clients; they help in making professional judgements and make it easy for social workers to justify their decision making. Because theories explain behaviours, social workers can be more sensitive and understanding of issues faced by clients by looking at the roots of the problem without being judgemental and also helps social workers to gain confidence in dealing with situations. Values makes us who we are as human beings, our actions are connected to our values. Social workers should have knowledge about other cultures, understand people’s emotions, behaviour The core values of social work is service to humans, desire to improve lives and understanding needs of their clients and supporting them to their best ability by following strict guideline set by General Social Care Council (GSCC) code of conduct. Social justice is another value set to identify, help and protect the
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