The Social Life Of Today's Generation

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The social life of today’s generation has revolved around the operation of a smartphone. Almost everybody will Tweet or Facebook posts their opinion or feelings about popular events or moments; Pictures are posted of timeless instants, such as weddings, ball games, parties and vacations, on social networking accounts on a daily basis. Commenting back and forth has become a method of communication and remaining in touch with people from your past and present life. Tweets, posts, pictures, comments and videos have become a benchmark of virtual expression for people who wish to stay connected with the friends and family. Nowadays, dating websites have applications available on smartphones, which enables users to meet new single men and women. Applications such as Tinder have made it nearly effortless to organize blind dates with people of compatibility. Average, everyday people can follow and connect with their favorite celebrity, athlete or musician on these social networks just by going on an installed application on their smartphone. Additionally, smartphones have given people automatic updates on their friend’s social network usage, single people interested in meeting you, updates from companies interested in you for a job on LinkedIn, and even email alerts from other account users. Although benefits of smartphones on social life seem to be endless, there are cons and side effects of this technology.

As often as people express their pleasure and satisfaction, there are
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