The Social Marketing Of Australian Red Cross Organisation

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Introduction This report mainly focuses on the social marketing and shows how the social marketing helps the organisations to create awareness among the people. In this report, a brief detail about the organisational campaign has also been described. It has been also shown in this assignment, what kind of service messages, audience and market they have chosen in order to provide the people a better life to live. Apart from this, the strength, weakness and career opportunities of the organisations have been critically described in order to provide a better solution to improve the service level. In this report, the effect of supporting a message, media have been also evaluated and in order to describe the social marketing in an effective…show more content…
This organisation also acts as a safeguard to the people who lost their beloved in the war. It has been seen that this organisation conducts many campaigns in order to provide the people a safe world to live (Australian Red Cross, 2017). This type of organisation is needed to be focused on as it provides a wide range of service for the beneficiary of the society. This kind of organisation is needed to develop the society and to make awareness among the people by conducting a successful campaign. The reason for taking this organisation is to follow the humanitarian law in order to develop the lives of vulnerable local people by creating social values among the people. Program or campaign in focus Australian Red Cross organisation conducts many campaigns like Blood donation campaign, Red Cross Street campaign in order to encourage the people to develop their lives in a better way and to encourage the people for taking the part in blood donation. It has been seen that these campaigns achieve huge success as these campaigns indicate towards the better life. Apart from this, Australian Red Cross Organisation is going to conduct another campaign and the campaign is recruiting volunteers as administrators in a non-profit organisation. The main purpose of this campaign is to encourage the Australian people to join their charity and
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