The Social Media And Texting

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Tanner Homa English 112 Paper 2 2/5/2015 Cyberspace Take a look around where you are. Everywhere you look people standing around, sitting, phones in hand, typing away. One may ask what it is that has everyone constantly checking their phones and taking up so much time of a busy day: social media. Today’s technology such as social media and texting has come so far and become so advanced communicating is easier than ever. With the help of satellites we can talk to people from every corner of world with just a click of a button. With all this technology comes a downfall: cyberbullies. Sending messages to harass someone nowadays is so simple. For decades children and teens have had problem with bullies. Students can get picked on for all sorts of physical traits like being too short or too fat. With this new technology it is so easy to send a message or make a post about someone. Social media and texting brought great advances for forms of communicating but it also brought a whole new way to terrorize people. Cyberbullying has become a major issue in our society and we need to act up take precautions to stop and to help others that are victimized. With all of the new technology, communication is easier than ever. With the arrival of phone and the internet it is so easy to contact one another. Individuals today invest so much of their time into social media. With websites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter, it is easy to connect with old high school friends or just keeping
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