The Social Media Marketing Strategy Essay

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It is no longer a secret that companies that want to be successful in today 's marketplace have to be involved in social media marketing. Just two years ago this was almost an unheard of strategy, and just 5 years ago the concept of facebook, Twitter and other social media sites was completely foreign but to a select group of individuals. But we live in the age of rapid change! The rate of knowledge doubles just every two years now, and in just two years the rate of knowledge will double on an exponential scale! Businesses that decide not to pursue a social media marketing strategy are actually finding themselves losing ground in today 's marketplace. Think about that for just a moment. Let it sink in. We live in an age of electronic transfer. Commerce has a new look. Let 's examine some of the more obvious ones: In February, 2011 News Corp and Rupert Murdoch launched a "new kind of journalism" publication called The Daily, which is actually, essentially a newspaper application for the iPad. Radical? Well, sort of, but not so much. Think about it. Over the last decade newspaper circulation rates have experienced an unprecedented downward spiral as more and more people have taken to getting their news from the internet. (The verdict is still out on The Daily; it still remains to be seen if people are willing to pay one dollar a week for news information they have previously been getting for free). One of the first casualties of the hi-tech age was CD sales. Back in 2007
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