The Social Media Platform Of Tumblr

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Albert Costill, writer for Search Engine Journal, reports that 66% of Tumblr users are under 35 years old, while 39% are under the age of 25. Costill also noted that 13% of 18-to-29 year olds have used the social media platform (Costill).These statistics prove how common and thus influential Tumblr is amongst young adults. Tumblr is a social media website and application that allows users to make their own personal blog with posts consisting of text, pictures, and videos. One of the main reasons that Tumblr is so prominent amongst young people is because of the sense of anonymity that the website can provide. Whereas normal social media platform’s ask the user to identify themselves by name, on Tumblr there is a choice; a user gets to make…show more content…
By setting the tone for what is popular, young people’s actions are directly influenced by what they see on Tumblr. Since whatever people on this form of social media do is instantly seen as acceptable, young adults tend to try and conform to these trends. Typically the trends seen on Tumblr all have a rebellious and unruly connotation, thus mostly having a negative impact on society. Things such as drugs, alcohol, sex, and nudity are all heavily promoted on Tumblr. In addition to these, mental illness is largely advocated for on Tumblr. Mental illnesses tend to be glamorized online causing those who have these conditions to oftentimes become even worse. While Tumblr is a great way to meet people who are similar to you, it can also be detrimental in the fact that people can bond over topics such as mental illness. Surely there are many blogs offering help to those who are suffering with these types of conditions, but the ones that gain the most attention are the blogs that make these types of problems worse. Caitlin Dewey, reporter for The Washington Post, says that self-harm blogs “can be disturbing: sites dedicated solely to cutting, suicide, or eating disorders, replete with stomach-turning details, high-contrast photos, and song lyrics from depressive teen bands” (Dewey, Self-harm). Imani McGarrell, Journalism Sophomore
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