The Social Network Revolution

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Society has over time, developed many means of communication starting with the word of mouth to written letters, telephone, and now the internet. The internet has developed its own form of communication, which is social network. Social networks have created a way for people across the world to communicate with each other at the same time, all in one place, thus making it the internet the reason behind the revolution known as Social Network. Just as anything else, social networks were not born in a day, it slowly developed into what is known in today’s society. In the 70’s, Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs) and Usernets were prime communication. BBS is considered the first site that allowed internet users to interact with each other. However, users would have to use a dial-up connection and only one at a time could access the BBS. While Usernets were slightly different. This was a system that allowed users to post articles to newsgroups. Into the 80’s Online Services were created, such as CompuServe, Prodigy and the well-known AOL. These sites simply made the internet “universally accessible in the United States.” Following online services in the late 80’s came Instant Messaging and Chat systems such as Internet Relay Chat, which allowed for sharing links and files. ICQ was also booming around this time, its use was for instant messaging and was “partly” responsible for avatars, emoticons and abbreviations such as LOL and BRB. In 1997 the “first modern social network” Six
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