The Social Nurse Leader Paper

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Political Nurse Leader Paper Today more so than ever, nurses must not only advocate for themselves and their patients at the organizations and facilities that they work at, but they must now advocate on a much larger political stand. It is imperative that nurses stay up-to-date on what is happening locally, statewide, and nationwide as this has a direct impact on nurses, their organizations they serve, and the patients they passionately care for each day. Due to the sheer number of nurses, it is no wonder that this workforce can and could be a fierce force to be reckoned with. However, having large numbers is not all that is needed. According to Abood (2007), " Successful policy advocacy depends on having the power, the will, the…show more content…
Additionally, " Transformational Leadership inspires wholeness of being, so your thoughts, feelings and actions are consistent. It is about leading with an integrity and authenticity that resonates with others, and inspires them to follow. Not only does it inspire others to follow, but to become leaders themselves" (Cox, 2007, p. 10). Transactional leadership on the other hand was first described in 1947 by Max Weber; he first coined "rational-legal leadership — the style that would come to be known as transactional leadership — as the exercise of control on the basis of knowledge” (Spahr, 2014). According to Spahr (2014), characteristics of transactional leaders include: focus on short-term goals, favor structured policies and procedures, thrive on rule following and doing things correctly, revel in efficiency, left-brained, inflexible, and opposed to change. Congresswomen Lois Capps was a nurse for approximately twenty years working in areas such as public health and as an instructor (Capps, n.d.). In 1998 she was sworn in as a Member of the 105th Congress, "succeeding her late husband, former University of California, Santa Barbara professor, Congressman Walter H. Capps (Capps, n.d., para. 1). Capps background in nursing makes her both a
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