The Social Of Social Cognitive Theory

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Abstract: The Social Cognitive Theory is perhaps the most comprehensive and complex learning theories in the field of psychology. The theory attempts to explain how our social environment has a great influence on our behaviors and actions. Albert Bandura is the most notable psychologist of the Social Cognitive Theory. He has conducted intense research and experiments for over 50 years and continually strives to improve the strengths and correct the limitations of the theory. The Social Cognitive Theory is applied today in many behavioral and cognitive therapeutic settings. It is unique from other learning theories because of the belief that self-efficacy, goals, and outcome expectancies are likely to determine behavioral changes. Social Cognitive Theorists believe that we have the power to change our environment because our environment is affected by our behavior. Does the paper sound interesting after reading the abstract? The Social Cognitive Theory is a psychological learning theory that attempts to explain the psychosocial functioning through the view of self and society and how these two factors have a bidirectional influence. Social Cognitive Theorists believe that individuals are reactive and shaped by environmental events. It is believed that this causes us to be self-reflective and proactive in our nature. The Social Cognitive Theory believes that abstract modeling and strategic observation leads to higher levels of learning. There are five main constructs of
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