The Social Of Social Media

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A lot of Millennials feel that social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Myspace, and LinkedIn are an easier way of communicating with their peers. What they fail to realize is that potential employers are using these platforms as categorical imperatives when making a decision to hire a specific candidate for employment (Miller, 2016). I feel it is unreasonable for any employer to utilize a potential candidate’s social media page as a basis for extending them employment or rejecting employment. In today’s society, it’s very unfortunate that anyone can browse your social media pages, google you to acquire information without you having any knowledge of them doing so. “ According to a new survey from Career Builder, more than half…show more content…
However, I feel they should use ethical behavior when doing so. In today’s society, it’s apparent that the internet can ruin a business or individual’s reputation. I know that if I’m actively seeking employment with an organization I begin my search through glass door reviews to see what other employees are saying about the company and also what they felt about the interview process. If I see any derogatory remarks I keep a mental note, therefore if given an interview I may bring it up without raising any red flags or listening to hearsay. For example, if a company is interested in you they may begin to look on social media networks, and google searches to find out information about your character, qualifications, skills, and any criminal records. I don’t feel employers should base the decision whether to offer or deny employment based on what they obtained secretly from your social media page. However, it’s very difficult to prove that you were denied a job because of what is posted on your social media page without an employer disclosing that information to you. In today’s societal norms employers will select a pool of candidates just like the hiring managers did in this video and rank them accordingly to things they observed during the interview that they liked and disliked. However, if it’s a very tough decision between you and another candidate they may use the cost-benefit analysis. Its’ imperative that the human resource
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