The Social Of Social Media

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Nikita Raval
Professor: C. Thompson
Date: 12/1/2015
Composition 1 The Social Media Play The social media arose in late 1990s; one of the earliest was in the year 1995(Online social networks).The website helped people search for registered members from kindergarten, university, schools and military. The social networks help people to connect with each other and can post news, photographs, and documents. The sites have helped people with their interests and popularity for these sites has given rise to various issues of privacy and security of the material and things online. The sites have photographs; dating sites have also become trendy these days (Online social networks). As people use more and more social networks various issues regarding the physical and psychological effects of social networks have been raised by various groups of people. Some of the critics regarding them are not true. The websites this day have published various advertisements that are not genuine always (Online social networks).This websites use advertising as the source of the revenue for their income. For examples direct advertising, such as banner ads, or indirect approaches, as when a company creates a profile page on the network and invites members to join or become fans. Companies, entertainers, organizations, and can use these pages to publicize events such as concerts, free product giveaways, special sales, and other…
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