The Social Of Social Media

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Nikita Raval Professor: C. Thompson Date: 12/1/2015 Composition 1 The Social Media Play The social media arose in late 1990s; one of the earliest was in the year 1995(Online social networks).The website helped people search for registered members from kindergarten, university, schools and military. The social networks help people to connect with each other and can post news, photographs, and documents. The sites have helped people with their interests and popularity for these sites has given rise to various issues of privacy and security of the material and things online. The sites have photographs; dating sites have also become trendy these days (Online social…show more content…
Now and then questions about if social networking is good to access or not have been controversial always. There is a unit to control this cybercrime. Research says everyday 1, 50,000 people are victims of cybercrime each day. The threat is not all data should be available for people or government. The social media also contents some of the not to share or private data of government use or are property of the respective country. The hackers are now easily available everywhere it has now become so much easy to crack and decode the websites and much of confidential data. It is possible to misuse this data (Online social networks). The social media largely distributes over education, industry, government, organizations, dating, law-enforcements, health, utility and various other sectors. The reports also suggest that social media and networking has led to increase in the gang crimes. The research shows that last year 500 people were killed in Chicago and even more in the cities with more population like New York and Los Angeles (Austen, Ben). Everyday Facebook, instagram and other websites are full of this news which has led to increase in motivation of such ideas instead of disclaimer, it has become the source of ideas for teenagers and also any other age – group. The person wakes up to violence each day for example, the person wakes up and starts insults anyone causing more increasing in rivals and threat for safe survival. It is so much
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