The Social Of Social Network

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The social network has become a controversial topic as well as the special influence on teenagers in 21th century. Somehow, the social platform has become an integral part of modern life because of conveniency . A social network can be defined as a network of social connections and personal relationships. It also refers to dedicated websites or other applications that enable users to communicate with one another by posting images, information, messages, and comments. Examples of social networks include social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ among others. Social networks have taken the internet world by storm. Now that, individuals in the contemporary world having the strong dependency on social networks for various purposes including education, socialization, communication, and entertainment among others. According to statistics that many youth people will frequently spend most of the time to interacting with their friends and families on social networks. On the other hands, others use the same to access new updates as well as entertainment materials. Indeed, social networks such a Facebook have changed the way young people interact with one another and the society at large. The increased popularity of social networks has raised concerns among scholars and individuals. Fundamentally, most of the majorities are more concerned with the effects social media have on the younger generation and the society. Some are of the view that social

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