The Social Problem Identified During Mr. M 's Interview

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The social problem identified during Mr. M’s interview was the struggle he faces associated with being a black man, more specifically, how his race is affecting his social mobility. Mr. M stated that his skin color has hindered him from opportunities to advance his life. In a society like America, where white privilege exists, social mobility consists of various factors. Race can be a major factor in determining if a person or a group of people moves up in a social class system. Mr. M discussed with me various times where his race affected a situation he was in. We also discussed some of our similar experiences and how many black men of all ages in America struggle with the same problem. While conducting this interview I truly realized…show more content…
Mr. M reported that in those times (60’s and 70s) white people were blunter to tell a black person that they could not have those opportunities, rights, and/or privileges because of their race. Drawing conclusions from the interview, I noticed that race can be a major factor in determining if a person will move up on the social ladder. However racism is not dead, it has merely changed forms. Mr. M told me some of the struggles he faced to get to the social location he is at today regarding his race. Stated in previous papers, Mr. M is a university director and a full-time pastor. He considers himself upper-middle class in terms of money and social status because of his career. He is from a working class family and had to struggle for everything he have today. He talked about how he had to be aggressive to get to his social location. One particular story that stood out to me was the story of how he got his directors positions. He told me that he had to wait four years to get his position. He stated that he was singled out every year because the university would always make up excuses to why he was not qualified for a higher position. Everyone around him were getting promotions and raises, but he was stuck in the lower position for four years. Mr. M is highly qualified and had more credentials than anyone in his office at that time. Once the university got a new chancellor, he was admittedly promoted. Mr. M does not
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