The Social Problem Of Child Abuse Essay

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In society there are a variety of social issues that shape and make the world the way it is today. These social problems can either affect the economy, humans, and neighborhood communities ranging from local or national. One social problem that has increased among humans today is child abuse. Child abuse is the physical mistreatment of a child by a parent or caregiver who is held responsible for a child at their time of care. It can be physical, sexual, or psychological. These forms of abuse can happen in many places, including the home, schools, or camps. Physical abuse is an abuse where someone intentionally seeks out to cause harm to another person. Physical abuse ranges from hitting, punching, kicking and in more serious situations results to burns or fractures. Sexual abuse is an undesired sexual behavior forced upon one without their consent. Sexual abuse can result from a child being touched improperly by an adult or possibly another child. Psychological abuse exposes one to a behavior that will affect them mentally or emotionally. Psychological abuse involves isolation, intimidation, and terrorizing one making them feel as if they are worthless. One argument that stems from child abuse is the effect it has on their behavior. A child 's behavior can reflect on how a parent raises them and can also give one a clear picture as to what disciplinary actions the parent may or may have not taken. Children need support and security as they grow up. They benefit off of
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