The Social Problems Facing Homeless Youth

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The homeless youth demographic continues to endure difficult circumstances and encounter a variety of social problems, leading to their increased vulnerability in our communities. The social problems facing homeless youth vary from external and internal barriers. Some notable external barriers are being uninsured for proper health care, not having parental permission and therefore being denied access to services (Esparza, 2009). Along with, dealing with prejudice, lack of respect, and transportation problems (Stewart et al., 2010). Internal barriers include, lacking the knowledge about numerous social support sites, fearing the scenario of not being taken seriously, as well as, fearing police and authority figures, and so on (Esparza, 2009). Youth homelessness has been and continues to be severely problematic on many fronts. Globally there are roughly 100 million homeless youth (Arnold & Rotheram-Borus, 2009). In Canada, research demonstrates a significant increase in the number of homeless youth, and what was once ranged from 10,000 to 20,000 in 1993, went to 50,000 in 1999 (Kelly & Caputo, 2007). The plight of homeless youth has always captured my attention and concern due to the awareness of a few homeless youth brought into my life. Having the opportunity to volunteer with organizations that work to enhance the lives of this demographic has been insightful, taught me a great deal, and changed my own perspective on life. It led to the realization of how different our

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