The Social Problems That Impact The Woman And Children

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I choose to write about the social problems that impact the woman and children in family violence, I chose this topic because I wanted to know why do women continue to stay in a domestic abuse situation. Domestic violence can be defined as a planned pattern of power and control carried out by your partner, it includes sexual violence, physical violence, emotional violence and psychological violence (UNICEF,2017). According to our textbook one spouse out of every six experiences domestic violence, and one kills a spouse because of domestic violence “six tines out of seven the woman is the victim” ,no other crime comes close to this (Henslin 370). For instance,physical abuse against a woman includes For instance, physical abuse against a…show more content…
My self-esteem and self-worth are gone since he also verbally abuses me, I start to believe how stupid I am, that I am trash, that I am ugly and no one wants me. At times I blame myself for the abuse, I deserved being hit. I will ignore that it’s going, after all it doesn’t happen everyday, I do love him and he loves me and everything will get better if I give it some time.
I want to leave with my daughter, the abused is now frequent, I just can’t do anything right anymore and it sets him off and then the beatings start. I know if I don’t get away my daughter will be next, she sees what is going on, hears my screams. What must she think of her mom now?/ I am weak? Shes probably learning that its OK to let another man hit you like her father does to me. But it’s not easy to leave, where will I go? I have no money, he controls all the money. How can I escape this hellish torture.
In domestic violence, there can be two way of thinking for the woman, there is a disconnect between what is actually going on and how loving he can be. This is the mind’s way to separate the positive and negative realities. This
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