The Social Regulation Policy Of Healthcare Insurance

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Much debate over the social regulation policy of healthcare insurance through the Affordable Care Act has been on its efficacy by requiring Americans to be insured. The most recent public poll for November from the Kaiser Family Foundation has indicated 35% of respondents favored the policy with 45% finding it unfavorable (Kaiser). Individuals favoring this policy are in support of extending health insurance coverage to those who would otherwise be unable to afford it due to costs or pre-existing conditions. Those against this policy are concerned of the costs behind expanding public insurance to millions more individuals will be more than private insurance due to a wider range of benefits under public care (Ku and Broads, w318). There…show more content…
A potential alternative for the rise in out-of-pocket expenses is due to many individuals being female. The underlying theory for this rival hypothesis is that women are more likely to experience various medical procedures as routine check-ups throughout their lifetime compared to male counterparts such as for pregnancies or mammograms. This may be true with increasing life spans and with the average woman’s lifespan slightly more than men. Data The dataset used in this policy memo is an extract from the 2010 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS). It surveyed 32,846 individuals across the United States. The outcome is a continuous variable, indicating the out-of-pocket expenses paid by an individual or family for medical care. My main predictor variable is binary and will be whether or not the individual had health insurance coverage, either private or public. My alternative explanatory variable is a binary variable of whether or not the respondent is female, with females being 52% of the sample. This variable is important because it could be used as an indication of whether women are more likely to undergo various hospital procedures as part of a routine wellness checkup or gender biasedness in care. For this study, I control for the total expenses in prescriptions, office-based expenses, and emergency room
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