The Social Responsibility Of A Social Service

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Man is a social animal so he cannot live alone. Society does its best to provide the individual with all the comforts amenities and facilities of life. So it is duty to do service for others. Nowadays more and more organizations are engaging in positive way often referred to as corporate social responsibility. It is important to doing a social service all organizations. CSR aims to embrace responsibility for to reassure a positive effect on the environment and stakeholders containing consumers, employees, investors, communities and others. Firstly how company practices in CSR, how company impact on Society, what activities does CSR. Firstly, most of the companies giving free education to poor people, giving free medical check-up and donating money to charities. 5 decades ago, 500 companies were issued corporate responsibility report. But now more than 8000 around the world have signed in UN global compact pledging to show good global citizenship in the areas of human rights, work, or standards and environmental safety. CSR has a number of stands like economic, ethical, and social. Many organizations have CSR. There is lot of companies doing a corporate social responsibility just like Pepsi, dell, airlines, chocolate companies etc. CSR have top brands. Some of companies doing a charity give a poor people some free brands like Nike brands, shoes, t-shirts etc. Every organization has a stakeholders (shareholders) interest group with direct or indirect stoke on the business.
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