The Social Science Perspectives Of Sociologists And Social Marketers

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The two social science perspectives of criminologists and social marketers share both connections and disparities when it comes to the use of drugs and alcohol. This report emphasises the different disciplinary approaches used by both these social science perspectives when it comes to alcohol and drugs. A criminologists perspective explores the use of drug courts to divert illicit drug users from prison into treatment programs for their drug addictions along with the revaluation of the 25a crimes act ‘Assault causing death’ due to the 2012 Thomas Kelly king-hit in Kings cross. The social marketing perspectives examines the different marketing range and nature of advertising and promotional strategies used by alcohol companies to young people and the codes and regulations put in place when it comes to advertising alcohol and young people. It is inevitable that at some stage in an individual’s life, they are going to use drugs and or alcohol and some point. In the entirety of this report alcohol refers to a liquid or brew containing alcohol as the active agent and drugs refer to a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic. (Hornby, A.S. and Wehmeier, S., 1995) The criminologist’s perspective has a heavy reliance on the drug court when it comes to the disciplinary approaches used in relations to drugs. The term 'Drug Court ' refers to dedicated courtrooms that provide judicially- monitored treatment, drug testing and other services to drug-involved offenders. They

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