The Social Sciences And Humanities

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In the article, Collegians need humanities, social science too the authors discuss the importance of having education and skill in all the STEM, humanities, and social sciences! They discuss more thoroughly how and why these are so vital to reaching economic success for this country with its competitiveness in mind. Social sciences and STEM courses are vital to the global economy, the overall growth of our society, and personal success.

To reach personal success I need both social science and STEM skills and knowledge. The social sciences and humanities are a necessity to reaching success because they focus on teaching us what is relevant to us such as; creating a life with meaning and purpose, appreciating diversity and complexity, communicating effectively and how to overcome adversity as John and Mary said. Without the knowledge and skills of those, we cannot develop and innovate things in the STEM courses without the knowledge and skills of the others. One of the large impacts that taking social sciences has on people is that they really create a life with meaning and purpose. One of the many ways that social sciences help contribute to making people’s lives more meaningful and with purpose is because, it helps people to think on a very different level compared to the level they were used to thinking on. I think that social sciences help people create more meaning and purpose to their lives because of the deeper level of thinking required in these classes. These…
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