The Social Security Act : The Old Age Survivor, And Disability Insurance

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The Social Security Act, also formally referenced as the “Old Age Survivor, and Disability Insurance” is universal, federal social welfare policy that works to provide a fundamental right to a pension in old age and unemployment insurance. It was enacted in 1935 and initially established a pension system for old people based on employer and employee contributions. Changes to this policy later extended the system to include other dependent groups such as children and the disabled. This policy contains ten primary titles in its functions including “old age” that provides funds to states for the assistance of aged individuals. The second title “unemployment” concerns the provision of insurance against unemployment while the “child…show more content…
In essence, the programs under this policy serves to offer cash assistance to needy households through the Department of Health and Human Services so that children can be taken care of at home or their relative’s. The policy also aims at ending the dependency of needy parents on assistance and aid by advancing job readiness, marriage, and work. It also works towards preventing and reducing cases of out-of wedlock pregnancies while promoting the formation and maintenance of families with two parents. As such, TANF funds are utilized for a range of supports and services including child care, education, job training, income assistance, helping children vulnerable to neglect and abuse among others 2. How social policy impacts social service delivery and access to social services Social policy is, in essence, a government action aimed at providing a basic level of assistance with social elements such as education, income, housing, health care and safety for particular groups of people at risk (Kollman, 2011). Social policies, therefore, work to subsidize or eliminate the costs required to access these social services for individuals and households that meet particular eligibility criteria. In most cases, eligibility is based on the income of a said individual or household. Usually, social policies target those whose income falls below a particular threshold. Williams 3

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