The Social Security Program of USA

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Background: What is the specific policy or program? When was it established? How does it serve older adults? (You can answer this last question in a few sentences.) For example, the program could fund long-term care, social services, or provide income support.) This does not have to be the longest section. Social security program is a retirement program for Americans aged 65 years and over. This consists of 92% of the entire American populace. Other beneficiaries of the program include the disabled, unemployed and aged but the government must have a record to ascertain that only those that are in need qualify to obtain the benefits. About 47 million Americans that fall under this bracket collect monthly benefits. On August 14, 1935, President Roosevelt signed a law that led to establishment of this program. This program serves older adults in various ways, for instance it offers long-term care, social services and provide income support for them. In addition to establishment of this program, the new Act also created a social insurance program to cater for retired group of employees aged 65 years and above entitled to receive income after retirement period (Jie & Junsen, 2004). Need: Why was the policy or program established? How many are being served now? How many more are expected to need the service in the future (over the next 30 years)? During the inception of the Great Depression and the fall of the stock exchange market, USA suffered tremendous economic downturn.
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