The Social Stance Of Prostitution

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Prostitution is the selling of one’s body in exchange for money, and it is the oldest occupation in the world, beginning in the early society of Mesopotamia (Fanni, 2014). Prostitutes were seen as inhumane and disease ridden since in the early 1980’s, when prostitution was most prevalent, there was an increase of HIV/AIDS because of the transferring of disease from prostitutes to their clients (Carrasquillo, 2014). Although there is such a negative perception of prostitution, it is a source of continuous income for some women in America, even though it is illegal in almost every state except some regions in Nevada. Views of the legalization of prostitution in America differ. When evaluating the social stance of prostitution, there are two…show more content…
The events during their childhood led them to try different coping strategies, and it was mainly drugs. Another finding was that 60% of the pimps grew up in a home that was involved in prostitution. These pimps have had early exposure to prostitution, which in turn bought them in the business. Whether they were forced to be a child prostitute or simply became accustomed to it, 68% of the pimps began their career of selling their bodies. They have moved up the ranks from prostitution to pimping for the main reasons of survival. Some turned to pimping for economic reasons, such as one participant in the Depaul study who says that he was a prostitute before he used his computer skills to sell women, saving him from continuing to prostitute himself and instead use his skills to advance his position and get out of danger (Raphael & Powell, 2010, p.3). For example, 48% of the pimps ran away from home to escape the conditions but ended up having to find a way to make money. One of the participants in the Depaul study acknowledged this, “[Becoming a pimp] was easier than me committing a felony or going to the penitentiary… I didn’t have to sell drugs” (Raphael and Powell, 2010). If prostitution was legalized in the United States, nonviolent pimps would be incarcerated, since the selling of
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