The Social Structure Of The Caribbean

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Introduction The social structure of the Caribbean has been greatly influenced by colonization and slavery; it is indeed based on differences associated with class, race or color, ethnicity and culture. The identity of the Caribbean has been formed through a variety of forces like migration, whether force or voluntary, miscegenation and political and social reforms. Although there are many explanations as to how the plantation system affected the Caribbean region but, it is evident that it did create a unique identity within the Caribbean region. There’s a mixture of race, class, ethnicity and culture that created a creolized society. The Europeans came from a far different background from the Africans and so they mixed and created a cultural identity that is truly Caribbean. Many argued that slavery in the Caribbean has destroyed the life of many people and left them searching for an identity. Jacobs 2002 states that “slavery in the Caribbean is believed to be one of the most devious crimes against humanity”. Slavery was not just an economic activity but a process of indoctrination and culture eraser. It left the Caribbean “Afro phobic” still mentally trying to express themselves through dance, language, music and religion.” The Social Structure of the Caribbean During slavery the social structure of the Caribbean was based on hierarchy, where the whites were in total control of the blacks. The Amerindians and the blacks were subordinated and
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