The Social Structures Of Youth Involvement

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Through the analysis of the social structures of youth involvement in gang related activities there are many factors that need to be considered. This essay will critically look at the parental and environmental influences as well as the socio-economic statuses of youth who become enveloped in gang related pleasure. Firstly, the influence of the parents plays a crucial part in the development of a child’s mental growth and their behaviour. The way parents treat their children, act and behave around them affects the way the child acts. In addition, the void of a parent’s presence in a child’s life also leads to gang activities due to the lack of a good influence in their life. Secondly, environmental influences such as what types of social activities in a neighbourhood lead to high rates of crime, low income neighbourhoods tend to have more delinquent behaviour as there are more crimes in the areas with a low education and employment rates. Lastly socio-economic status interconnects with neighbourhood influences, as survival is needed means of getting money and being jobless and education less (Sorry but you are the only one who can fix this since I don’t know what you are trying to say). As a result, since these children are living with parents that are not well educated they are low socio-economically, which results in their little to no involvement in school.

Firstly, children from dysfunctional families that encounter breakdowns such as divorce or harsh aggressive…

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