The Social Style Characteristics Of Class Can Play A Large Role

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The social style characteristics discussed in class can play a large role in this theory. For example, if a salesperson with a “driver” personality attempts to sell appliances to an “amiable” personality the sale may fail because the two lack familiarity. The “driver” may utilize technical reasoning with an emotionless approach, which may scare away an amiable that is looking for a more personal experience. Varying personality types can still form partnerships, the salesperson however must be aware of this and change their approach. Today we often see indicators for likeability. How interesting to examine the fixation of Princess Kate, yet we hardly ever hear about Camilla. Although Camilla’s husband is 1st in line for the thrown, and Kate’s second, Kate has seemed to establish the “halo effect” Cialdini refers to, in her case her striking beauty and poise allow us to infer that she is also kind, smart, and a heroic figure of Great Britain. Cialdini discusses abiding duty for authority that exist in humans in the 7th chapter. He exemplifies this concept through examination of psychological experiments such as Milgram’s “learners shock test” and the real experiment of Mr. Wilson and the train that did not stop. Obligation to authority derives much of human action, as Cialdini points out many examples are found in the bible in the most basic form. Cialdini suggest that often this duty to authority derives from a quick unconscious decision that we are likely unaware even
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