The Social Value of College Essay

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What is the social value of college? The answer to this question is quite different when it is asked to multiple people. Some people believe that the social values that are learned in college can be learned outside of college, and others believe that college provides students with an environment to learn and practices social values in a controlled environment. One person that believes that people can learn social values outside of college is Dale Stephens. When it comes to people, who believe that college gives students a controlled environment to learn and practices social values are Michael S. Roth and Zac Bissonnette. In my opinion Stephens, Roth, and Bissonnette all have important points on the social value of college.
Stephens’s belief that the social values a college graduate learns in college can be learned outside in the work force has many setbacks. One setback is when he states in his article is that a person can use social media to sell himself or herself to a prospective employer. In my opinion about this is that as a manager, I am more likely to hire a prospective employee that takes the time to write a résumé and dressing appropriately for the position, I am interviewing them to fill. Many prospective employees that have used social media to apply for positions also use that as their only means of social interaction. When it comes to these prospective employees, I often end up having to terminate their employment do to their social values being hindered and…