The Social Welfare And Import Trade Of Britain And China

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Title analysis: This essay will compare the social welfare and import & export trade of Britain and China, and will evaluate the causes and consequences of the differences. In recent years, the import and export trade has been one of the factors of the rapid economic development of many countries, by increasing the production inputs, labour inputs and technology investment, and promoting economic development. At the same time, with the continuous development of economy, countries ensure the harmonious development of society by continuously improving the country 's social welfare system, solving the problem of living in certain groups. China and UK are import and export trading powers, and in terms of social welfare there is a huge difference, Britain has a relatively sound social welfare system, however, because of China 's large population and it is in the development stage of the social welfare system has many shortcomings. This essay will compare the Social Welfare and the import and export trade between China and the Britain. Social welfare is divided into its definition, children welfare and the elderly welfare. Import and export trade will compare the UK’s and China’s comparing the products. Britain is known for its welfare state. The word first appeared during World War II. According to Rodney (1999), welfare State through politics and administration modifies market forces in at least three directions. First, by ensuring individuals and families a minimum income
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