The Social Welfare System During The United States Essay

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The social welfare system in the United States can be a controversial topic especially now with the new presidential elect. For this paper I was assigned to look into two different peoples perceptions and attitudes on the social welfare system. I looked into how they perceived the system and whom they believed benefits from this system. Throughout this paper the identities of the two people I interviewed will not be revealed. I will simply refer to them in pronouns. My goal during this interview was not to educate my two interviewees so some of the information contained in this paper may not be accurate. Throughout this paper the two interviewees opinions will be stated and their opinions will then be compared and discussed. Although the whole population of the United States is experiencing the same welfare system each individual perceives and has different beliefs about the system.
The first person I interviewed can be identified as a Caucasian, twenty-two year old, male. He is a college graduate who has an associates degree in fire science from Northshore Community College. This male is currently employed at ENE Systems as a buildings operator and works as a mechanic at Lucey’s Service Station on the weekends. He is a son, a brother to four siblings, and an uncle to three nieces and three nephews. I interviewed this male in his own home behind closed doors so there was no other input from outside sources. After obtaining his basic information, I asked him what he thought
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