The Social Work Of A Social Worker

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Under the social work profession, social workers embrace the principle of social justice and are committed to work toward achieving social change. In direct practice, social workers work with individuals living in poverty and subjected to all sorts of injustices. In social work, practitioners work in partnership with clients, when coming up with possible solutions to the presenting problems. It is important that in the process, social workers remain with a nonjudgmental attitude and look at how the person’s environment has been harmful to his or her life. For example, when a social worker is working with a homeless individual, it is crucial to “begin where the client is”, while assessing the client’s current needs. Homelessness continues to be a prevalent social issue that continues to affect the lives of many citizens and that social workers continue to advocate for change. During the past couple of years, homelessness has increased eminently, particularly in New York City. Our society has failed to come up with an effective plan to resolve this issue. I believe that our society’s negative views toward homeless people have played a significant role in the way policymakers, funders and other organizations have addressed this issue, this is the main reason why current solutions haven’t shown any significant improvement. In order to end homelessness, we need to start focusing on looking the underlying issues connected to homelessness rather than blaming the

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