The Social Worker Did A Good Job By Interviewing Students

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1. I think that the social worker did a good job by interviewing students individually at first to describe what each thought of the conflict that was occurring. I also thought that her approach of intervention was affective as a result of the problem –solving group that helped the students communicate better. The group setting helped the students speak freely in a respectable manner and medicate their differences in a more positive way. The worker did a well job at paraphrasing and summarizing what each student has said to show her understanding for all their thoughts and feelings. I think the social worker did not do well was that she did not have more than three sessions to help solve this conflict situation. The students also should have been interviewed individually after all the group sessions were over in order for the worker to allow each student to express her feelings in private after the intervention is terminated. 2. For the most part, I think that the social worker maintained her ethical values and boundaries within this intervention. However, I think that she should have included parents in what was occurring between their daughters at school. The social workers should have asked permission from each parent to speak to the students about the conflict. Also, the principal, student’s parents, and the students themselves should have consented for Maria to be included into the group session. Even though Maria is a professional, the principal did not hire her to

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