The Social and Cultural Life of Americans during the Cold War

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The threat of nuclear war in the 1950's was real and was one that was on the mind nearly every person in both the United States and the United Kingdom. After the end of the Second World War the world can be seen to be split into two sides, the East and the West, Communism and Democracy. After the Second World War the Soviet Union became paranoid with the West as well as the United States become paranoid of the Communist East, and after the Soviets had made their first nuclear bomb this created massive friction between the NATO alliance and the Soviet Union and the eastern bloc. Only after the soviet union had obtained the hydrogen bomb and began to stockpile nuclear warheads in the 1950's did the real fear of nuclear annihilation begin to move into the social and cultural aspects of British and American life. In the years of the cold war there was an environment of paranoia, due to the fact of clashing ideologies of communism and capitalism paired with the creation of weapons so powerful that the world could very well be annihilated in a matter of hours from these great weapons.

Due to this it affected the general population of both the United states and the United kingdom. Tony Judt, author of Postwar, explains the seriousness of the situation stating that, 'the two Great Powers of the day were arming themselves to the hilt and preparing for the eventuality of a thermonuclear war.'1 this was also paired with the rapid growth of the communist countries after the Second…