The Social and Moral Values of the Aztecs Essays

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Document 13.1 Questions 1 & 3.
1.) What do the Montezuma’s laws tell us about the social and moral values of the Aztecs?
Montezuma helped improved living conditions by setting up fresh water to Tenochtitlan, he was able to establish penal and social laws, and civic standards became high along with social advancement. Montezuma also developed a secure sophisticated cultural history and its accomplishments. While the Aztecs where under the watchful control of Montezuma’s the empire expanded pass the valleys of Mexico and much of central Mexico. The people viewed Montezuma’s as one of the first represents and independence of power. He was known to be a good leader and a wise warrior and that's what helped Mexica state to develop more
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He was amazed with how much people ran the markets and how widely affected the Aztec economy. In his words described the markets as "Inviting, pleasurable, appealing, and pleasing to these people that great crowds attended, and still attend, them, especially during the big fairs, as is well known to all.... The markets in this land were all enclosed by walls and stood either in front of the temples of the gods or to one side. Market day in each town was considered a main food-based celebration in that town or city.”
The Aztec was very well developed and I would thinking coming from back then another world to this without any clue what it would hold, whether or not if people are even develop in art music, markets i would be very impressed.
Document 13.2 Question 3.
1. The emperor was a complete and total ruler and was thought of as wonderful/God-related.
2. In explanation (of why something works or happens the way it does), the state owned all land and useful things/valuable supplies.
3. Subject peoples were needed/demanded to admit/recognize/respond to major Inca gods, although once they did so; they were mostly free to carry on their own religious traditions.
4. The Inca Empire played a big part in the production and distribution of goods.
Document 13.3, Question 2 & 4
2.) Busbecq love the Ottoman framework on that "no single man owed his poise to anything besides his individual benefits and dauntlessness; nobody is recognized from the rest

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