The Socialization Of Lesbian Clients

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One of the issues that should be addressed in treatment is the socialization that lesbian clients participate in. In treatment, it is necessary to give any client tools for recovery. These tools should include alternative activities that do not revolve around the getting and using of alcohol and drugs. This may be a difficultly task when dealing with LGBT clients especially since there are not many options for socialization besides bars, clubs, or parties. In Oklahoma there are about 333 thousand same-sex couples per the 2010 Census (The Williams Institute, 2011). Oklahoma has some programs and organizations that give the LGBT community different opportunities where they can meet other members without being surrounded by alcohol and drugs. Two main organizations are specific geared towards lesbians. Herland offers social and educational services that focus on lesbian issues but is offer to all women (Herland, 2008). Herland is an excellent organization to recommend to lesbian clients located in Oklahoma. The second organization is known as OKCLesbian. Additionally, OKCLesbian offers substitutions for socializations at bars, clubs, and church. They often have large dinner events called Lez Eat where local lesbians can get together, have fun, and enjoy a nice meal together. Giving clients different choices to socialize in sobriety may perhaps increase their likelihood of staying sober and finding new friends to enjoy it with. Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the

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