The Societal And Cultural Values

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There are different ways through which artists represent gender in their works. Whereas there are artists that represent diverse gender as people of dignity, others represent them with a lot of stereotypes. For instance, most male artists have represented women as money hungry individuals with lavish lifestyle. Consequently, the male rappers have in most cases objectified women and used them to portray their fantasy lifestyle. It is because of this kind of representation that this paper analyses 50 Cents’ Candy Shop. In this essay I will specifically discuss the societal and cultural values 50 cent portrays through his music and music videos. The essay will also explore the message that 50 Cent delivers to his audience and how it influences their behaviors and values.
During his first few albums, 50 Cent portrayed a more Ghetto lifestyle. It is worth mentioning that his popularity was on the rise and therefore, his lifestyle did not reflect the rich lifestyle that he is now. The scenes and his mode of dressing and even lyrics at this time depicted a ghetto glam lifestyle. However, ones he made fortune through music, his lyrics changed and grew with him. Most of his music, lyrics, mode of dressing and even places where he shoots his movie reflects this fact. In his Candy shop, he uses women actors to portray his lavish lifestyle. The video begins by showing 50 Cent driving up to what appears to be a mansion. Inside the mansion, there are several women who are dressed…
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