The Society Of Prevention Of Cruelty

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In 1975 The Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Children was established. On the flip side, in certain states spousal rape societies have yet to be established. There have been analysts who have alluded to the fact of removing or stopping the problem of violence may cause iatrogenic effects. One needs to be able to distinguish between the different types of abuse especially for when one wants to intervene. The aticle define the following definition as follows: family maltreatment- “minimal physical or sexual harm or endangerment” (Emery & Laumann-Billings, p. 121) and family violence- “serious physical injury…psychological trauma, or sexual violation” (Emery & Laumann-Billings, p. 121.) However, all types of abuse can have a psychological effect. Each state has their own policies and definitions for abuse and neglect. The National Research Council is recommending that they define abuse and neglect as “physical abuse, sexual abuse, physiological neglects, and emotional maltreatment” (Emery & Laumann-Billings, p. 122.) Followed by dividing the forms of family abuse of maltreatment vs. violence. Women and young children are the most vulnerable to violence. This is one of five causes of homicide for children under the age of 12. Every year there are about 1,200-1,500 children killed by a caregiver and 85% of them are under the age of 5. Whereas, for women of 4,967 who were murdered 1/3 of them were murdered by either a husband or a boyfriend. The Third National Incidence
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